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What are Direct Payments?

What are Direct Payments?Direct Payments are sums of money that we give you instead of providing you with a service, such as home care; short-term breaks; day care; equipment and small adaptations. With Direct Payments you can arrange your own assistance so that you may have more choice and control over the way you live your life. If we give you Direct Payments you must use it to meet the needs that we have agreed with you during your assessment.


Who can receive Direct Payments?

Anyone who is eligible for a service from their local authority can receive a direct payment – older people; 16-17 year olds; carers; adults and children with disabilities.

You may receive a direct payment whatever the nature of your impairment, including:

·       sensory impairment;

·       learning difficulty;

·       physical disabilities;

·       mental health needs;

·       chronic illness; or

·       HIV/AIDS.

There are a few restrictions, for example, people subject to certain court orders.

We will check that you consent to, and manage, a direct payment either alone, or with assistance if necessary. Support is available to help you manage your direct payments.

What can Direct Payments be used for?

The payments can only be used for the needs that we have agreed with you, this could be, for example, for equipment and small adaptations, home care or day care. You can employ a personal assistant or use an independent care agency.

What can’t Direct Payments be used for?

·       You cannot usually use direct payments to employ a partner or close family member who lives with you;

·       NHS services;

·       Housing services

How do you get Direct Payments?

Warwickshire Country Council knows that Direct Payments are an effective where people can access information and support.  To ensure this is available we can fund Direct Payments contact the Support Services – 01926 410 410

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