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Care Decisions Checklist

Perhaps you are considering home care for your relative, taking care of them in your home. Or, perhaps you may move your relative to a care home.

In any of these situations, you must make a decision about the care of your relative. This is not an easy decision. Change is very difficult. You must consider your relatives physical and medical requirements and how much care he or she needs.

You must also assess the effects of care giving on your time and your needs. Because there are so many things to consider when making this decision, we’ve developed a checklist. The first part of the checklist is designed to help you assess your relatives needs. From there, you’ll be guided through assessing your needs and your family’s needs.

If you are considering a service that you expect to be funded by the local authority you must ring the local authority team and ask about an assessment. Social Services staff will help to see if they can assist you directly or provide information including “signposting to other sources of help, information and advice.

The choices you make will affect your loved one, as well as you and your family.


Printing and reading this checklist will help guide you through the decision-making process. Keep it with you as you tour Homes or discuss options with your relative. The checklist will help you determine which environment best fits your relatives needs. Because this can be a complex decision, you may want to obtain guidance from outside resources, such as:

  • A Social Worker – to help you through the emotional difficulties and to co-ordinate the multi-disciplinary assessment that will help shape your or your relatives decision.
  • A Doctor – to help you understand diseases or illnesses, what treatment is required, and how it may progress.
  • A Financial Planner – to assist with understanding your relatives finances and to see what arrangements can be made to meet the cost of care.
  • A Solicitor – to help with any legal issues, including buying or selling your relatives home And, once you’ve made your decisions, remember to allow time for you, your family and your relative to adjust to the changes.

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